The academic education estarts every year at September 1st and ends at June 30th at the Greek Northern Ballet Academy , in order to apply for an amateur level , a middle level or an advanced level of education you must sent an email at with your resume and a short explanation of your goals and what you wish to achieve.

The Academic Education Consists of the following program

Professional Education full time training

Ballet Class , Contemporary class , Pilates & streching Classes , and Ballet Repertoire , the students that study in the full time program are participating in the companies performances .
The Full Time program has been created in order to build up professional dancer’s with a very high level of technique , form the students artistic talents and develop their dancing abilities making them the best dancers that they can possibly become .

The full time program is completed after 4 year training , it includes 1 year of amateur level , 1 year of middle level , 1 year of advanced level and 1 year of pre-proffesional level . with the completion of all 4 years training the student will receive a certificate diploma from Greek Northern Ballet certifiying that the dancer has a professional status having finished the 5-6-7 and 8th class of russian system of training , the graduated students will also receive attaching papers of their participation with the Greek Northern Ballets professional ballet company, informing off all the performances they participated and the roles they danced , the ataching papaers to the certificate diploma will include letters of reccomendation for his hard work ethics and dedication in the art of dance and his behaviour during his trainin period , the artistic director Athanasios Routianidis a graduate pedagogue-balletmaster from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy will personally sign the certificated diploma with the teaching staff including.

The Acceptance of students age 14 to 18 years of old for the new academic year 2018-2019 that starts on September 1st , will start on January 10th, after your application there will be an audition for your acceptance including an interview with the applying student and both of his parrents. the audition will be around the end of may and the start of june. it will be posted .

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