GNB is organizing a summer intensive program for students and dancers who wish to improve their technique in classical dance (both medium and advanced) which lasts for 3 weeks and starts in 3 of July , the company director of GNB will choose the most hard working, dedicated to the art of ballet and best qualified students – dancers of the summer intensive, to receive a place in the pre-professional three years course which after a successful graduation will receive a Certificate Diploma for passing the 1st-2nd and 3rd course of Vaganova methodology and Bolshoi ballet academy training program for professional dancers . There will be a chance to be selected to participate in the national tour of the company in March-April 2017.
If you have the desire to improve your technique and your dancing skills and have a chance to be selected for the future tour and gain professional performing experience or remain in the dance business not loosing shape, take part in the summer course and get a chance to improve yourself in the art of dance and be a member of GNB.

An applicant can choose from 1 week to over 3 weeks.

Only those who will complete all three weeks will be awarded with a certificate of the summer intensive from GNB.

The program includes the following :

Ballet Class-(Medium to Advanced level, 5th class to 3rd course Russian school Vaganova method) from the graduate Pedagogue-Balletmaster of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy & artistic director of GNB Athanasios Routianidis.

Stretching και Pilates, to improve core strength and muscle control for better execution of ballet movements. with a graduate of the MK Pilates Akademy.

Ballet repertoire , Ballet Giselle (from corps de ballet pieces to solo variations and pas de deux ) learning, teaching including personal corrections per person.

Contemporary repertoire will include with the learning and studying pieces from works of great choreographers of contemporary dance, weekly analysis of a different choreographers of different eras of the past and the present both male and female.

Competition :
During the Ballet repertoire the participants will receive half an hour to train a variation of their choice with witch they will compete every Friday , the reason of the competition is that GNB school chooses among its own students and summer intensive students the most hardworking and promising to represent it to competition in Greece and abroad under the preparation and guidance of the Greek northern ballet teachers who will increase their technical , chorographical and artistic level during the year in order to be on the highest standard to represent the school in various competitions.


Monday to Friday- weekend off (so the participants enjoy the various nice Greek beaches only an hour-two away with easy bus transportation at cheap prices.

Ballet Class 11:00-12:30
Ballet repertoire 12:30 -14:00
Break 14:00-14:15
Contemporary repertoire 14:15-15:45
Pilates/stretching : 15:45-16:30

Hours: 5hours 30 min.


1 week costs 140€ (20 classes, 5 ballet class +5 ballet repertoire+5 contemporary repertoire +5 Pilates/stretching),
3 weeks full program costs 420 €, by sending your application until 31st of May and prepaying until the 31st of May you will receive a discount 20% paying 300€ , applying after the 31st of May and prepaying until 26th June will cost 360€ discount 15%.

1 week
Ballet class-60 €
Ballet class & repertoire-100€
Contemporary repertoire-50€
Pilates/stretching -40€

The students- dancers that will take the entire course will be able to if they wish to continue in a second summer intensive august22th to September 2nt to participate with a discount of 10% to for the 2 weeks .

* Accommodations are not provided, (this is the reason why the prices remain very low)

All applications are to be received until May 31st the latest and paid until May 30th , if you wish to keep the spot, there would be a limited number of students in the summer intensive in order to do the best possible work with everyone; once the spots would be filled with the expected number and payed off. We will no longer accept any more applicants.

Sent yout application at : (including dance photos full body lenthg at least 2 and if possible a video with a variation) so we can have a first idea of you.

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