International Gala Concert 16 March 2014,Principal’s & soloist’s from Russia (arstist from Bolshoi Theater),Germany(swerin theater) ,Ireland (national ballet of ireland) and Ukraine(natioal Theater of Lviv) will perform for the evolution of Classical Dance in southern Europe.

The Greek Northern Ballet Company makes it’s entrance in the Ballet World with an international gala concert to bring closer the European countries in the Ballet art and develop the classical dance and add to it’s evolution, the international gala concert will give the opportunity to countries bring their cultures closer to each other , Greece has a strong Classical and Hellenistic era culture that was shared with the world for eon’s and desire to continue doing so in the form of the art of ballet , Italy has to share much of the Culture and way of life of the Roman era that has left it’s marks in the european history changing it for ever and Germany always a prominent european power has prove to adore the art of ballet by providing it’s country with the biggest number of operas and ballet companies as a country in Europe and perhaps the entire world, the International gala will be created to show that with united action’s Europe can overcome not only any crisis it will encounter but it will bring the european nations closer to each other to share and exchange, the concept of the international gala is to continue expand to the rest european countries to form new classical ballet’s expressing the forgotten history and mythology that european countries are rich in , the benefit will be huge for all the people who could see a beacon of hope in our world in any problem that bother’s them ,in the ballet concert’s performed by the GNB dancer’s and the international guest artist’s who participate and support the idea in any possible way they can, we are new we are young we are passionate and we wish to create, perform and share with the world the lost and for decades forgotten real art of ballet , as a true heir of the ancient Greek Theater to present the moral story and make yourself a better person ,through the numerous repertoire of the existed ballet’s of all era’s and period’s as well the formation of new ballet’s with new moral stories of history and mythology to be presented for the first time in the ballet stage , to make the audience leave in a state of “catharsis” making them see they have the ability to overcome all difficulties and learn to be more discipline more enthusiastic and more persistent in what they do in order to make the world a better place .

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