The creation of the Greek Northern Ballet is the development and promotion of classical dance in Greece, creating a very strong company of dancer‘s that will present works of classical production’s to Greek and European public, and in the near future will be able to create classical productions based on the ancient Greek mythology and history that will tour abroad transferring Greek culture values ​​and its history to the world.


Creating a Youth Ballet company in northern Greece that would stage ballet performances such as Swan Lake, Don Quixote, La Bayadere, Le Corsair etc. Based on the classical repertoire in the future would be staged productions of neoclassical and contemporary repertoire including the creation of ballet’s with content’s of Ancient Greek Mythology and History, covering a range of stories and mythology romance and drama we have learned over the centuries. The performances will take place in Greece as first step and and then in foreign countries, that we can create cultural and artistic development during this difficult times . Prerequisite for achieving the goal and vision is patience, persistence, discipline and hard work at all levels.