GNB International Summer Intensive 2020


GNB organizes a 3 week International Summer Intensive from June 29 until July 17, 2020. A 4th Week will be availiable from 20th July to24th of July to advanced international students.

we wish to inform you that the previus dates 22nt of June to 10th of July for the first 3 weeks and the 4week 13th to 17th of July have changed because of the coronovirus quarantine which forced us to change the dates, thank you for your understanting, you can start sending applications again. The prepay day has also changed

The summer classes are ideal for those who want to develop as professional dancers, to be in an excellent physical condition, to be corrected and to develop as dancers in classical and contemporary dance and for those who want to make good preparation for the entrance exams at the Ministry of Culture, the Greek National Opera School and the National School of Dance (KSOT) to increase their chance of success.

This year’s summer program will focus at increasing the level of the participants, developing their classical & contemporary technique, their physical condition and improving their dancing skills. The level of the course will be Medium to Advanced (there will be a separate group for beginners). The intensity and requirements will be high, so it requires very good physical condition from those involved.
A very good  professional preparation for dancers who want to audition and find work in the new season at operas, theaters and companies and to apprentice members & students  who want to take part in international competitions abroad or to be accepted and  study at Professional training programs with GNB or other Ballet Schools and Academies in the world.

The program includes:

  • Ballet Class
  • Barre a terre & Pilates
  • Contemporary/Choreography/Improvisation
  • Pointe technique
  • Repertoire/Variations
  1. Ballet Class (Medium and Advanced Level) with personalized corrections per person by Bolshoi Ballet Academy Pedagogue-Balletmaster graduate Athanasios Routanidis. The Class  will focus on the correct posture and the learning of the correct preparation of all the movements in all the tours  the small, medium and grand  allegro. The exercises  will have a continuous flow, physical exercises to develop strength and focus on the detail of the precise and clean movements.There will be movement analysis correction, but also practical execution in the toughest technical moves by Mr. Routanidis himself and his  personal help-support so that the student learns correctly and executes it with comfort and stability.
  2.  Barre a Terre : exercises on the floor with ballet technique to develop the strength of the muscles required to use them in ballet class exercises.Teacher Athanasios Routianidis .
  3. Stretching and Pilates.The Pilates course will include warm-up and stretching exercises, and then increase the intensity and level of the trunk, buttocks, feet and soles while preserving and improving breathing in and breathing out , maintaining a dance flow between the exercises to create the sense of a flow and transfer from one situation to another. Pilates Instructor Chrysa Rutanidou, graduate of the internationally renowned Michael King Pilates Academy.
  4.  Ballet repertoire of the ballet’s Don Quihote, Gissele, La Bayadere, Le Corsair. (From corps to solo and pas de deux).Training teaching and personal corrections per person.
  5.  Contemporary Contemporary will include warm-up warming and then learning difficult technical combinations. There will be small choreographies specially customized, with emphasis on expression and dancing  with difficult technical moves , we will also  work with improvisation with instructions that will help develop kinesiology, release and self-confidence. The class is taught by the graduate of the Higher Professional School of Dance of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Kalliopi Christidou.

Upon completion of all three weeks, participants will receive a certificate of attending International Summer Courses with the hours, lessons and signatures of the teachers who gave them (only those who complete the full 3 weeks course will receive a certificate).

The previus places have been limited even more due to the coronavirus health measure Precautions that have been issue by the Greek Goverment.

There will be limited places. So everyone who wishes to attend the First three weeks must know that we are giving priority to the students that will take the full course when the places will be filled  we will stop accepting applications (if the places are filled by participants for the whole summer course allow an extra spot then we will contact the first person in list to inform him that he can participate at a specific week) so apply as soon as possible.

for advanced students that wish to take part in the 4th week of our summer intensive you need to sent your application until the 26 of June and prepay until the 30 of  June in order to guarantee your spot there will be only 8 places available in the fourth week.

Students who wish to become professional dancers and improve their technique,dancing abilities and compete in competitions with chances of success as well as  dance in students and professional performances  should apply for the professional training program with Greek Northern Ballet for the 2020-2021 Academic year.  (More information is available soon on Professional training program).


June 22-July 10 2020.

Attendance 10:45

Barre a Terre -Pilates | 11:00 – 11:45
Ballet Class 11:45 -13:15
Ballet Repertoire / Pointe Technique 13:15 -14:45
Break | 14:45-15:00
Contemporary dance 15:00-16:30

Hours: 5 hours 30 min  (daily)

Cost per week:

Ballet Class = 60 €
Ballet Class & Repertory = 100 €
Contemporary = 60 €
Barre a Terre &Pilates = 50 €
All courses = 210 € / week (20 lessons, 27.5hours).

3 Week Cost:
Total cost: 630 € (60 lessons, 82.5 hours)

Early Bird

Prepay until 19th of June 350€
Prepay until  26th of June 400 €

The 4th week

The fourth week is optional and is only for advanced students it will be available only after the successful evaluation of at least 5 applications with limited places up to 8. The meaning is to share technical and artistical knowledge at a high level only with  advanced students that can help them  develop.



11:00-12:00 Advanced stretching & Barre A Terre

12:00-13:30 Ballet Class

13:30-14:30 Repertoire (variations)

14:45-15:45 contemporary choreography


Fourth week Cost 250€ (only available for successful applicants)


Greek Northern Ballet
Ptolemaion 28, Thessaloniki, Greece.

→ Send your application with your details at (with photos in a dancing pose in attitude an arabesque and a plie in second position profile) and optional  a video with a classic & modern variation, a brief reference to you or your resume so that we have one first idea for you and how we can help you evolve better in our summer lessons).


For advanced students applications for the fourth week please besides the three basic photos attach a full split in the air photo and a video with one or two variations either on stage or at a class.